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Building Design Online (it rhymes, nice) Rotunda video

Building Design, a website for architects, has video of a lecture given about the refurb of the Rotunda by Nathan Cornish of Urban Splash and Glenn Howells of Glenn Howells Architects. More details here on the bd site:

Telly Savalas on Radio 4

Just found out that the Radio 4 documentary about Telly Savalas’ Birmingham film (and the Portsmouth and Aberdeen ones he made) will be on Saturday at 10:30am. It should feature some clips from the screening recently held at the Library…

Building them up to knock them down?

This video is by Supermarche¬† animating their feelings about Birmingham city centre‚Äôs redevelopment. It’s part of the launch of FEED Studio (FEED is a collaboration between The School of Creative and Performing Arts at Matthew Boulton College and the creative…