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Building Design Online (it rhymes, nice) Rotunda video

Building Design, a website for architects, has video of a lecture given about the refurb of the Rotunda by Nathan Cornish of Urban Splash and Glenn Howells of Glenn Howells Architects. More details here on the bd site:

Telly Savalas on Radio 4

Just found out that the Radio 4 documentary about Telly Savalas’ Birmingham film (and the Portsmouth and Aberdeen ones he made) will be on Saturday at 10:30am. It should feature some clips from the screening recently held at the Library…

Building them up to knock them down?

This video is by Supermarche  animating their feelings about Birmingham city centre’s redevelopment. It’s part of the launch of FEED Studio (FEED is a collaboration between The School of Creative and Performing Arts at Matthew Boulton College and the creative…