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The Metal Mermaid

Nicholas Bullen, formerly of Napalm Death, and Johnny ‘Doom’ talk about the Mermaid “an unlikely meeting place for anarchist punks and heavy metal fans”. From the wonderful Home of Metal. The Siren of Sparkhill by katherinejhgodfrey

Anyone got photos of 70s/80s Brum venues?

A plea from Jez: I’m making a film about Reggae, Punk and Bhangra in Birmingham around how communities and individuals express themselves through music. I received a small amount of funding for this with a condition I used 75% (roughly…

Sharpening Knives

We didn’t get to see much at Gigbeth on Friday, our stupidity was the problem. But stupidity driven by the pace of technological change. We’d got those fancy QR Code tickets sent to Jules’s mobile phone. She then went and…