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Anti-bank protest in Birmingham – Socialist Worker

Remember these students who were going to 'March on the Birmingham Stock Exchange' (despite there, erm, not really being one). Well they managed it – even if their sucessful march seems to have been on a fountain. [link]

Tell it like it is

A Protest, originally uploaded by bounder. It might well be termed ultra-narrowcasting, or just old-school grumpiness. I’ve no idea if the complaints of the owners’ are justified, but it’s nice to see people having a go. Not sure what the…

LOL Protest

Anonymous – Protest against Scientology in Brum (Indymedia article). Protest, and good sales gimmick for those V for Vendetta masks ;)

spiderman twee

Old John Bull is up on the roof again – Deirdre Alden’s blog reports – this time in Harbourne, protesting against more proposed Post Office cuts. Respect is due, how does he get up there?

Daddies for Justice

… Is A Great British Sauce : Originally uploaded by ClydeHouse. Some wonderful nutcase staged a rooftop protest at the HP sauce factory. Ray Egan was dressed as John Bull – and had a wonderful “Daddies for Justice” banner. More…