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In the photograph as art stakes, there are sort of two extremes: the high-concept shoot, with props make-up and lighting and the high-concept concept where the photos might not really be the whole story. The Birmingham Photographic Grid falls into…

Where tis-was

The old ATV, Central, Carlton studios (home to Tiswas, Crossroads and one series of Blockbusters amongst others is now being demolished – is this the last we’ll see from the inside? Not if this daredevil photographer has anything to do…

Go to work on a Mr Egg

9am : 24 Hours in Birmingham, originally uploaded by thornj. This shot of your fave caf’ at 9am is part of James Thornett’s 24 Hours in Birmingham photo project.

Buy 365 days of Brum, get one free

It’s that time of next year again, when in a flagrant attempt to pay for all the incidental costs of B:iNS we unleash the Birmingham:It’s Not Shit Calendar on the suspecting public. It is, we’ve seen calendars in the shops.…

They do do duvets

Launderette, Quinton Road West Originally uploaded by new folder Trevor and Simon reference for you all