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CCTV cameras in Moseley? NO THANKS!

A polite way to name a Facebook group, at least it isn't "nine danke"… New CCTV cameras have appeared all over Moseley, apparently they're ANPR (Number Plate Recognition) ones designed to track car movement. Residents, understandably, are concerned. [link]

Pete the Feet Exclusive

Sarah Jane Lynch (on twitter) is s putting together a project on Moseley, its history and community over the last 100 years — she started by interviewing Pete the Feet… Pete Mckenzie, better known as Pete the Feet, aged 64…

Project X Presents an Xhibition

On Saturday May 9th: "an exhibition of a number of local artists featuring new work from legendary cartoonist Hunt Emerson, a new photographic composition from our favourite of the many talented local photographers – Matt Murtagh, plus fine art from…