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A mayor for Birmingham

You won’t remember this but, instead of weird psychedelia with top bands going ‘gabba gabba’, or gibbering stocky puppet simpletons with screens in their stomachs, kids would happily sit in front of the TV and watch stories about talking animals that had adventures in primarily human settings. One such animal was animated Sunday lunch Larry the Lamb, and when he had exhausted all his mint saucey options he’d go to see the head honcho. “M…M…M…Mr Mayor” he’d say, and a fella in a tricorn hat would sort it all out. Sweet. And decidedly tasty with mashed potatoes.

Where do the lambs of Birmingham go when the wool hits the fan? Well at the moment they’ve no Mr or Ms Mayor to trot along to see—but might well have later this year. This is a round about way of saying that on May 3rd this year there’s a referendum in Birmingham to decide if the city gets to elect it’s own mayor in a similar way that London gets to be presided over by Boris Johnson—although we probably won’t have any blond, bumbling, biking, bonking Borises in the running.

A ‘yes’ vote and in November brummies will get to pick their leader, and while we won’t know who’ll stand for a while it’s worth looking at some of the most famous mayors the World has had and see if we can guess what they’d do if we voted them in here.

Oh, please vote. and Yes.

BiNS says: Yes to an Elected Mayor for Birmingham

Although we agree Birmingham is not shit, I think you’ll agree that it could be a lot better in some areas and that the current council system is either not trying or not working on them. We’re lacking jobs, there’s money wasted on huge vanity projects like the new library, the promotion to the rest of the country and the World is still poor. Independent research says that elected mayors can help with stuff like that and don’t cost any additional money. The no campaigners seem to have few coherent arguments and only scare stories. Go check them out, and remember that it only seems to be politicians that are doing okay out of the current system that are saying ‘no’.
So I ask you to consider a vote for an elected major, please. It’s Brum’s chance to have a strong voice to talk to central government and the rest of the World.

We need a mayor, like New York has, like London (although a better one), someone to stick up for us. Vote yes. Vote Brum.

What can an elected Mayor do for a city and region?

A couple of videos with coverage of the mayoral referendum and campaign. First the debate held at the University of Birmingham: “On Wednesday 29th February 2012, this debate brought together leaders and representatives from business, education, politics, and the community, to…

Why I’m voting ‘yes’ in the mayoral referendum

I’ve been to a couple of events over the last few days all about the elected mayor referendum that’s coming up on the 3rd of May. I’m pretty sure that I want a ‘yes’ vote—even if it does nothing more…

Yes to an elected mayor campaign news

Two announcements from those campaigning for a Yes vote in the referendum to give Birmingham an elected mayor. First a free event (with a clichéd name unfortunately) at the Town Hall, featuring campaigners and potential candidates of all political stripes. They say:”2-4 on Sunday the 15th…

A sign of Dick, Hippodrome Panto review

Dick Whittington defeats Nigel Havers in a short swordfight, so the Sultan of Morocco hands him the girl and the Mayorship of London; an odd election process, but if that’s what’s in the Tories’ Localism Bill we’ll have to deal…

That hast du heut

It’s expensive beer-drinking in the cold time again from this Thursday when Mayor Hobbit will be joined by the German Ambassado and “German pop sensation Patrick Lindner” to open the Frankfurt Christmas Market (which of course happens in Birmingham, the…