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CCTV cameras in Moseley? NO THANKS!

A polite way to name a Facebook group, at least it isn't "nine danke"… New CCTV cameras have appeared all over Moseley, apparently they're ANPR (Number Plate Recognition) ones designed to track car movement. Residents, understandably, are concerned. [link]

Brumbook, or Faceingham, or something

In proof that you can’t take the Brum out of the boy, Pete Ashton tells us that by some reckoning Birmingham is the eighth biggest city on Facebook. Facebook is so full of stuff that I’m starting to get a…

Rosa’s cafe lives on, virtually

t.jpg” /> The Rosa’s Cafe Blog tells us that the cafe sadly closed over Christmas, which is very sad – especially for fans of fried breakfasts who spend a lot of time ‘eastsiiiide’. If you’re gagging for a runny egg…


If you’re on Facebook you can now be a fan of Birmingham: It’s Not Shit.