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Go Kart Mozart’s Terry Miles tutorial on Mr Blue Sky

Go Kart Mozart’s Terry Miles tutorial on Mr Blue Sky, on a vocoder. It’s sort of like a electro-Brummie Frank Sidebottom. And hence, wonderful. “You lazy bastards.” “If you buy a vodcoder you have to play Mr Blue Sky…”

Covered in ELO

Thought you might enjoy this, I did. In other vaguely ELO-related news: Roy Wood is on Twitter.

Band a Day for Birmingham Music Month – June 11th

ELO – Livin’ Thing June is Birmingham Music Month, so get off your arses and talk Brum Music, make Brum Music, promote Brum Music, listen to Brum Music and have fun with Brum Music. BiNS is showcasing a Brummie Music…

Why The Big Paws?

Rhubarb Radio has kindly consented to allow your very own BiNS-ers Jon & Jules to have a show — on the internet radio and everything. It’ll be what you’d expect from us — intelligent, amusing, cool, and featuring ELO (maybe).…

Jeff Lynne does not endorse SPAM

When people do jokes about how SPAM seems directly targeted to them it’s normally because they have a small penis. Let me share you a much odder form –  that I’ve being reliving at the rate of two or three…