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Up the cut

Although the price is pushing it towards Christmas-present-for-dad-with-canal-obsession territory, there’s no doubting the beauty of the photos in the new book ‘The Cut’: “Peter Donnelly’s evocative photographs taken during the 1960’s, record the time and his verse the surroundings and…

Open Days are here again

Heritage Open Days are a set of tours or special openings of buildings around the country for four days every September. This year’s itinerary is now out and there are six pages of search results local to Birmingham (can’t create…

If Birmingham were Venice

eBay.co.uk: Postcard “IF BIRMINGHAM WERE VENICE” Posted 1909. (item 270122413106 end time 27-May-07 20:26:56 BST)(-) Now that’s something for the council to try for next summer.