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Interactive Travel Map

Based on Google Maps, Network West Midlands (who are in overall charge of buses trains and the metro) have done a great job on this map. Not only can you zoom right down into individual bus-stops – but you can…

4am at Acock’s Green Bus Garage

The latest in the foolhardy Karen Strunks’s series of photo projects that happen at 4 o’clock in the morning around Brum — this one sees her take to Acock’s Green Bus Garage.

Is it a bus, is it a tram?

WMT 8110 A110WVP, originally uploaded by Zippy’s Revenge. Erm, it’s a bus, basically. That was “adapted to run down a 600 yard section of ‘Guided bus rail’ constructed on the 65 route at Short Heath”. Nice bit of bus geekery.