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CSI: Birmingham

The TV glamour of moping up blood and wearing paper boilersuits can now be yours in the old Borders shop in the Bull Ring. I mean, I think, I've never seen the programme. [link]

Announcing the Bullring Playtest -| BARG

Can you "play" with a shopping centre? "Ingredients for playing with include, but are not limited to: 3 levels of shops; the escalators in between; the outdoor bit down the middle; the square next to St. Martin’s church; a department…

One night in Paris

I was sent this press release about the Bull Ring's summer entertainment installation a couple of days ago. I couldn't be bothered to use the information contained, but now Spaghetti Gazetti has popped it online i can just link and…

Bull vs Elephant

There’s a painfully slow flash site announcing a Kerrang radio unsigned bands competition — with the chance to play at the Bull Ring. Festibull is going on at the Bull Ring on the 18th and 19th of October — where…

Freeze, suckkas

Some people are planning to do this(also see vid below) here. Facebook group is all I’ve found so far, sorry.