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Brumcast's Supersonic Festival Podcasts

Little Chris is pulling together a series of three podcasts of music from the Supersonic festival — that's taking place at The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham 22-24 Oct. [link]

Brumcast – show 150

‘Little’ Chris Downing has brought the interwebs 149 podcasts full of “every conceivable music genre, from dubstep to thrash metal, from ska to folk. The only rule is that the music must come from the Midlands.” He’s now reached 150.…

Who is Brummie of the Year 2008?

Voting has now closed for the 2008 Brummie of the Year Award. The nominees were: Adam Smith (aka Steve Zacharanda), for showing just how to deal with breaking history. Get in there and get pissed. TWMDriver – Brum’s best blogging…