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'Tweet potholes' appeal launched

The council have got a wee bit of publicity for announcing that they're going to take reports of potholes via Twitter (to the press office account, oddly) – "It just makes sense to use it," said Council spokesman Geoff Coleman.…

Grants for new festivals

From the desk of the Minister for Fun: "Birmingham City Council is inviting applications for grant support for new independent or niche festivals in Birmingham. This new funding stream is called the Emerging Festivals Fund. This is part of a…

Unlawful acts?

PoliticalHack delves greatly into the lack of consultation of a change to the Council's governance. [link]

Dear local councillors, fix my mom’s street

Three months and local councillor's haven't even acknowledged Dave Harte's plea for something to be done about the state of condemned(?) houses in Hazelbeach Road in Ward End. [link]

Birmingham ArtsFest 2009

Matthew Somerville again does someone else's work for them and puts the ArtsFest Programme online in a a usable format. You can help too. There's also a scanned version of the paper programme. [link]