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The Arts are Biting Back, apparently.

"Biting Back is a one day event from Birmingham City Council, mac and Sampad that will address how arts sector professionals and individual artists can learn from examples of successful partnerships in austere cultural landscapes." So far, so worthy but…

A Letter to the Council

Mark lives over Selly Oak way and has suddenly had a letter from the Council asking for nearly 6 big ones for "MAJOR WORKS SERVICE CHARGE ARREARS". This should be fun… [link]

Birmingham Council Spending Data: The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Obstructive —guardian.co.uk

The council have released their spending data for August, not in the most usable format or with much contextual information. Chris Taggart explains. (It does reveal over £600, 000 to various Capita companies, however — but is that good or bad,…