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Jury Service

Reg Eccles was chosen out of 100 people as a juror at the Birmingham pub bombings trial in the summer of 1975. Here’s an interview, longer than the version that made it to Radio 4’s PM. [link]

Pebble Mill at One, by No Rock And Roll Fun

No Rock And Roll Fun is spending Sunday at Pebble Mill, digging up the oddest and best musical perfromances from the show from YouTube. They feature "pointless shots of the band performing, long-lens stylee, from outside the asbestos-riddled Birmingham HQ…

D’yer wanna be in moi gang?

For John Mostyn, the opening titles to Gangsters (filmed in Brum doncha know): Series two: Series one (embeding disabled, sods — it’s not as if _they_ made Gangsters, they just uploaded it to the interwebs).

Long time listener, first time caller

Radio Five called me just as I was settling down to my tea on Friday, the producer of the Stephen Nolan show wanted to chat about the most recent of the irritating surveys about brummie accents. I’d been on before…