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BBC cuts

I’ve just got this from punch records and while it might not be _your_ niche Asian Network is an important part of the BBC’s output in Brum and I think you should have the chance for a read (and if…

"Inside" the new Academy

Louise Brierley gets a look inside how the Dome is being re-done. All we get are pretty odd CGI artists impressions tho'. [link]

The zombies are coming

The swine flu series Survivors is coming to town and on Sunday 14th June – 6.30am to 6.30pm – they're doing a huge operation, which includes: "the complete closure of Newhall St from Colmore Row down to Great Charles Queensway…

On Yer Bike

Tony Butler leaves BBC WM: "Outspoken Butler said: “I think it’s embarrassing for the BBC to be employing a 74-year-old when they are cutting here and there, but that’s perfectly reasonable." [link]