For Sale

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Seriously, for a few reasons (time to keep updated, money, energy, the increasingly commercial “hyperlocal” landscape) I’m struggling to keep the site updated and I don’t really want it to slip away. I’ve looked into handing it over to someone to run for free out of the goodness of their hearts like I have for 10 years (in May), but no-one suitably likely to keep the spirit with the time and skills to has presented themselves. I’ve never run the site for gain or wanted praise, so it would have to be someone very motivated to keep that up.

So, I figure that someone who thinks there’s money here (and there could be if if you worked it, I do get offers) might be able to keep it vibrant.


What you’d get:

The domain names: and .com, the email database (1000 odd adds) Twitter acct and FB page (11,000 likes) — the content and the current designs (inc those in the shop). Control over The Brummie of the Year award and Talk Like a Brummie Day and associated content/domains etc (but not the 11 bus project).

The rights to do whatever you wished, take it serious, sell adverts, sell merch… sell out to Trinity Mirror for a hyperlocal million… shut it down like certain MPs had wished.


What I’d want:

Some money (open to negotiation and offers), that you’d not delete the content that’s here (archive and keep as many links as poss working), that you’d keep a “founded by” link to me somewhere on the site. And that you’d pass on any emails that came for me specifically.


What you do:

In the first instance email and we’ll talk.