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Have they still got the buzz?

An elderly WM Travel advert, with some sped up Perry Barr garage cleaning. I can still smell those yellow tartan seat coverings. Ta Pete, and found by Ian duncan.

The Diskery

Lovely documentary about The Diskery — 40 years old and one of Birmingham’s best record shops. As the record stores disappear, treasure one that has lasted so long.

Dogging up King’s Heath

Pointed out on Twitter over the weekend is that the opening titles of Childrens’ ITV ‘classic’ Woof! (plot: boy turns into dog at inopportune moments — Billy’s Boots with more fleas) are set in luscious King’s Heath. The dog wanders…

Zoom cut to the past

wevee is a site that a tempts to do something with the vast amount of old film — and there’s a lot of stuff of the Midlands on there. The interface is very slick — you can trim the ends…