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Xmas wrapping

The Post Office Vaults (where the old Royal Mail pub was on New St) do a good line in signs outside. This one is their best yet.

Go Kart Mozart’s Terry Miles tutorial on Mr Blue Sky

Go Kart Mozart’s Terry Miles tutorial on Mr Blue Sky, on a vocoder. It’s sort of like a electro-Brummie Frank Sidebottom. And hence, wonderful. “You lazy bastards.” “If you buy a vodcoder you have to play Mr Blue Sky‚Ķ”

Joke competition (no prizes, no rules)

Two bloggers walk into a bar…¬†Sometime contributor Ms Strunks asks: Why did Brum Bloggers meet up end? — Karen Strunks (@karenstrunks) June 29, 2012 I didn’t even know they had a boat, but if you know how the Bloggers Meet…

Gripped by the Nutts

Down Poplar Road in King’s Heath is the sewing machine shop of Frank L Nutt: And if you travel down to near Star City you see signs for the sewing machine shop of one S Nutt: And I’ve been told…

Network WM in URL Hell

Planning your journey online can be useful, save time and money if you do it right (and if then the busses actually turn up of course) so kudos to Network West Midlands for promoting that. In a bold marketing move,…