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old news

Flying Saucer is a new blog to me, which has some Brummie bits. Particularly some photos inside the big yellow retro clothes shop up Digbeth that I’ve never quite gotten round to going in.

green roadshow

02/05/2007 : Originally uploaded by bounder. totally wind and solar powered! aimed at kids 6-11 featuring Dom-Diddlyom-Dom and the oo-er missus Croissant Neuf Circus Big Top. 19th May at Millennium Green. More info on the council website

sand, and er, that’s it

According to the Post the council have plans to turn Chamberlain Square into a beach this summer. Why don’t they just do up the one under Spaghetti Junction?

i’m not a celebrity – get me out of it

I’ve been following the RSS feed of the Name in Lights project quite closely – I think it’s a very interesting concept. You know – fame, fame, fickle fame as El Moz once said. Imagine my trepidation to find my…

Daddies for Justice

… Is A Great British Sauce : Originally uploaded by ClydeHouse. Some wonderful nutcase staged a rooftop protest at the HP sauce factory. Ray Egan was dressed as John Bull – and had a wonderful “Daddies for Justice” banner. More…

birmingham – madonna or whore?

Again to reference Pete Ashton, who has put together something very well thought out about the recent national media coverage of Birmingham. For those who just want to read this post then quickly forget about the whole thing, let me…