Author: Jon Bounds

Go Kart Mozart’s Terry Miles tutorial on Mr Blue Sky

Go Kart Mozart’s Terry Miles tutorial on Mr Blue Sky, on a vocoder. It’s sort of like a electro-Brummie Frank Sidebottom. And hence, wonderful. “You lazy bastards.” “If you buy a vodcoder you have to play Mr Blue Sky…”

Painting red tape in Brindley Place

More worrying evidence of how the privatisation of public space hampers all sorts of artistic life, as Brindley Place won't let a watercolourist set up without plenty of paperwork (via D'log) [link]

The Brummie Inquiry

It’s Birmingham’s own Leveson today from quaeter to two. Live streamed from the council house, top Brummies such as Carl Chinn will be quizzed about ‘what makes a brummie’ . You can comment here on the live stream, or join…

Crossroads of Sabbath

'scse the caps, but i guess the site needs to shout—their hearing is probably shot… "CROSSROADS OF SABBATH IS A 90-MINUTE WALKING TOUR IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BLACK SABBATH DURING THE PERIOD 1948-1970: THE TIME WHEN MEMBERS OF THE BAND…

Dinosaurs in Brum, 1938

This is so odd (from i09 via Craig) that I’m just going to have to quote it:   “In 1938, Birmingham, England held a 5,000-performer pageant to celebrate the centennial of the city’s designation as a municipal borough. But that…