‘Cinema Detectives’, the new Birmingham Detective Agency



"Cinema Detectives", the new Birmingham Detective Agency

The eBook revolution has brought a new Detective Agency to the City of Birmingham. The "Cinema Detectives", is a detective comic strip about investigators Rosa Pleck and Ken Prime, who have their offices in Birmingham City Centre, from where they solve their eerie cases.

Here's a bit of their history:
Rosa Pleck won the prize for ‘Most Gifted Girl’ at Winson Green primary school but this slightly went to her head so that when at secondary she didn’t do quite so well she got teased, although she was still clever and always had a vivid imagination. Rosa left school at 16, early, before taking her exams, because she wanted to take a job like her best friend Jane, in a busy office. She realised her mistake after just a few weeks but felt unable to correct it by returning ignominiously to school. A little later on, aware of Rosa’s unhappiness, her mother urged her to reply to an unusual job advertisement she had seen in the newspaper. A man called Ken Prime was looking for a girl to handle the office work at his new detective agency. Rosa followed her mother’s advice and was hired.
Then, almost too quickly for Ken, Rosa moved across from office work to become Assistant Detective!

Ken Prime: After several years working in the field for Xerox Copiers, Ken Prime was promoted to a job at head office. But after a few months of this he began to feel that life was passing him by. He missed the thrill of going out on the road and meeting people. The death of his brother on Ken’s thirtieth birthday shocked him into realising that time was pressing and so he quit his job and set himself up as a kind of free-lance salesman representing a wide range of products. This, like his original job at Xerox, enabled him to get out of the office and drive around the Midlands meeting people. Ken had always been a film buff and it was while watching a film (Blade Runner!) that he eventually had the idea to use his ‘people skills’ to become a detective.
At first Ken's detective agency was called ‘Prime Services’, the same as his sales business. Then his friendship with Rudolf Brex, a major film distributor in the Midlands, led to an interesting project. Brex offered to make a series of ‘B-movies’ based on Prime’s cases, to run before the main features in Brex’s chain of cinemas. These films were amazingly popular and Brex’s enjoyment of the film-making was wonderful. It always made him laugh! The films brought a lot of business to Ken's detective agency and led to ‘Prime Services’ becoming more generally known as the ‘Cinema Detectives’.
Ken is still occasionally to be found out on a sales call that has nothing to do with the detective business but is a hold-over from one of his past contracts. ‘What have we done?’ is the joke he often has to put up with when making these calls.

The Cinema Detectives stories can be found on Amazon Kindle or on your other favourite eBook reader. A free introductory detective strip with Rosa and Ken can be downloaded direct from the Smashwords website in many formats:

Cinema Detectives is written and drawn by Chris Reynolds of ‘Mauretania Comics’, one of the most well-known comics of the British Small Press.
Contact Chris by email at: mauretania@hotmail.com
Website: http://cinemadetectives.com/

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Cinema Detectives at CinemaDetectives.com

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