Dinosaurs in Brum, 1938

This is so odd (from i09 via Craig) that I’m just going to have to quote it:


“In 1938, Birmingham, England held a 5,000-performer pageant to celebrate the centennial of the city’s designation as a municipal borough. But that milestone’s barely germane to today’s discussion.

No, what is noteworthy here is that Birmingham built three terrifying dinosaur costumes out of automobiles and chased one-hundred caveman around a field, which — to be perfectly honest — is how every anniversary should be commemorated, regardless of the occasion.

The pageant’s theme was Birmingham’s transition from prehistoric hellhole to modern industrial powerhouse. These wonderful dinosaurs (which straddled “semi-crappy” and “complete magnificence” with equal aplomb) were built for the prehistoric portion of the pageant. AsBirmingham Archives and Heritage Blog elaborates:



In the opening episode, three dinosaurs, hacked together from the chassis of small cars, ply wood and paint and powered by men hidden inside would maraud across the field chasing, and being chased by hundreds of fur clothed cavemen.”

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