Blues Trust: A Week of Action: Day 1

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A Week of Action: Day 1

The Trust's proposed "Week of Action" commences today as part of a five day initiative to seek further information from a number of Birmingham International Holdings Board officials.

Over the course of this week, the Trust will be providing contact details and letter templates for five BIHL Board members (listed below):

  • Monday 25th June – Vico Hui (Chairman of BCFC and Chief Executive Officer of BIHL)
  • Tuesday 26th June – Pauline Wong (Financial Controller and Executive Director of BIHL)

  • Wednesday 27th June – Raymond Yau (Head of BIHL’s Audit Committee)

  • Thursday 28th June – Yang Yuezhou (Former Vice-Chairman of BIHL and also a major creditor)

  • Friday 29th June – Anthony Cheung (Executive Director of BIHL)

This initiative is not designed to be a protest group or anti-board mechanism; it is simply giving Birmingham City fans the opportunity to ask questions about our football club. Although any acknowledgment is deemed unlikely, the more fans that get involved, the more likely we are to receive a response.

As of this morning, the Trust has made contact details and letter templates for Vico Hui available via Simply click on the link provided and then click the tab that reads "Monday 26th June" on the website. Everything you need can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any information in relation to the Week of Action – your feedback is invaluable.

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