Brummie band release new album—free with fried chicken seasoning

You’ve heard of bands giving away posters or stickers with their albums, and even bands giving their albums away with newspapers. But how about a band releasing it’s own brand of culinary spicitiy and then giving the album away free? Well that’s what Friends of the Stars are doing.

Their second LP, “Faith’s Meat Kiosk“, is coming out on 23rd April 2012 and to celebrate the’ve teamed up with Birmingham’s Jack Rabbit and created their very own Fried Chicken Seasoning.

You can pre-order it now. It comes in a number of flavours, all of which include a download of the “Faith’s Meat Kiosk” LP.


There’s also this charming video for the track Railroad Towns, shot around Lifford Reservoir, directed by Pete Ashton.