Yes to an elected mayor campaign news

Two announcements from those campaigning for a Yes vote in the referendum to give Birmingham an elected mayor.

First a free event (with a clichéd name unfortunately) at the Town Hall, featuring campaigners and potential candidates of all political stripes. They say:”2-4 on Sunday the 15th April. The format will be announced in the coming weeks but we are intending to offer tickets through an Eventbrite link, which will also ask the attendee if there is a crucial question or issue that they would like covered in the event.”

They’re also announcing plans to raise small donations for campaign materials from “the people” rather than the usual big business suppliers. You can donate anything (or help. time) but only up to £25 per person. Go see how it could help.

The ‘No’ people haven’t announced any plans we’re aware of to engage or raise funds (although their constructive website could do with a little maybe).

The referendum is now only 10 weeks away so this is no doubt going to heat up.