Brumicana: urban myths and memes — the walking tour

A little nepotism, a little self promotion here. Your beloved editor is one half the guides leading a walking tour of Birmingham’s underbelly soon. It’s part of the Still Walking festival, which we’re rather excited about. Ben Waddington has pulled together tours of film and TV locations, the history of cinema, brutalist architecture and loads more great stuff—including a tour called ‘Walking the Queensway’.

Our tour is at 11:15 on Sunday 1/4  and here’s the blurb:

“The tour will delve into the deep unknown, revealing the dusky and improbable history of the second city. Gangsters, pop stars, geniuses and chemists have all marked their territory in blood, piss, and ink. We’ll show you the stains.

Come with us up concrete hill and down concrete dale to look at the hidden histories and psychological scars of the city. We’ll explode common misunderstandings and take the back way round the city’s main arteries. From our industrial heritage, we’ll ride the common themes found in the intervening years to discover more about the place we currently call home.

Find out the facts behind, and underneath, our civic spaces. Find hidden shortcuts to our race memory. And find out the shocking truth about Cliff Richards.”

Get more info, book tickets and find out about more of the tours on the Still Walking festival.

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