Play School

Hi Jon,
Please could you post the below info on your blog so we can get lots
of Brummie’s involved an playing!
Lucy Nicholls

This summer I co-founded the West Midlands art collective Play More
and we are having our first (of what we hope to be many) event in
November and I would really love to get lots of artists involved. I
see the Play More collective and this event Play School, as having a
very collaborative ethos and approach and we’re keen to build
relationships with other artists, gamers and performers within the
West Midlands.
I’ve attached the flyer for the event, Facebook links and a copy of
the artists call-out that we are putting on arts jobs. If you have any
ideas for a quirky little game or random task you would like to run or
if you don’t mind helping out on the day, all contributions will be
most welcome and rewarded with a pint.
Anything from running a 3-legged race, to helping people make making
music instruments or comedy mustaches – all ideas, however daft, are
Please get in touch if you’d like more info and forward to anyone you
think might interested.
Lucy x


Play School – Call Out.pdf Download this file

A piece of PR we couldn’t be bothered to re-write.