The Bitter End — sacrilege?

In a shock to rival the ‘sexy’ Smufs reboot currently going on. Look what they’ve done to the old Costermongers : a pub up the road from it:

From the FAKE magazine blog:

“Owners of the Hairy Lemon bar at The Square Shopping Centre are putting the finishing touches to their brand-new basement bar, with the promise that Birmingham’s latest venue will be a sumptuous mix of style, great food, and fantastic live music.

The Bitter End will be unveiled on Friday (5th) to reveal a chic and sophisticated venue, which is the perfect setting for a get together whether it’s a girls’ lunch date, drinks after work or a big night out.”


Chic and sophisticated. There’s even talk of a “brand and interior design concept”. Ozzy Osbourne will be turning in his grave.

EDIT: Seems we may have jumped the gun a little (copying the news from elsewhere). Because:

“It’s just the other side of the entrance to Oasis from Argos. There’s a bar which was once called The Priory and uses the ground floor and basement. It’s had loads of names over the years including B2 and the scottish (something or other – might be haggis). That place is The Hairy Lemon (upstairs) and The Bitter End (downstairs).”

So we stand, ‘rected.

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