The Bitter End — sacrilege?

In a shock to rival the ‘sexy’ Smufs reboot currently going on. Look what they’ve done to the old Costermongers : a pub up the road from it:

From the FAKE magazine blog:

“Owners of the Hairy Lemon bar at The Square Shopping Centre are putting the finishing touches to their brand-new basement bar, with the promise that Birmingham’s latest venue will be a sumptuous mix of style, great food, and fantastic live music.

The Bitter End will be unveiled on Friday (5th) to reveal a chic and sophisticated venue, which is the perfect setting for a get together whether it’s a girls’ lunch date, drinks after work or a big night out.”


Chic and sophisticated. There’s even talk of a “brand and interior design concept”. Ozzy Osbourne will be turning in his grave.

EDIT: Seems we may have jumped the gun a little (copying the news from elsewhere). Because:

“It’s just the other side of the entrance to Oasis from Argos. There’s a bar which was once called The Priory and uses the ground floor and basement. It’s had loads of names over the years including B2 and the scottish (something or other – might be haggis). That place is The Hairy Lemon (upstairs) and The Bitter End (downstairs).”

So we stand, ‘rected.

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  1. 5 August 2011 at 11:16 am

    Nonetheless, it was once a rock pub – we used to dash there for last orders after gigs at the Odeon, and bribe the barmaid to turn the jukebox up loud (because otherwise we couldn’t hear it, being temporarily  deafened by the gigs’ PA)

    I think its name then was “The Highlander”.

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