Freecode Hexagon, Hexagon Theatre, MAC 19th Aug 7pm Realtime,…

Freecode Hexagon, Hexagon Theatre, MAC 19th Aug 7pm

Realtime, generative Audio Visual performance presented in the MAC’s best kept secret – a gem of 1960s architecture – the HEXAGON theatre, originally the Cannon Hill Puppet Theatre. Featuring stunning work from the most experienced and freshest face, alike:
SCREE are DJ Sir Real ( from the House of God and VJ Catweasel ( who does visuals for artists like Stevie Wonder. 
Modulate ( are an AV collective who grew out of electronic ambient pioneers Higher Intelligence Agency.
FREECODE are an AV collective of tweakers featuring:
Chromatouch (,
Minuek (,
Laternist (
Hellocatfood (

Node based programming artists have risen to the fore over the last few years as graphical programming becomes more accesible and capable of harnessing computer functions more easily. Support networks like ‘hackspaces’ and festivals like the Maker Faire mean that girls and boys alike have been sharing knowledge and indeed creating their own canon in digital art. The upshot of this tweakery is that people can make the most unique of digital creations from a fundamental level, no longer limited to what a piece of software has in it’s palette of filters and effects, you can now make your own software patches fairly simply…

On a Friday night in August at the Midland Arts Centre, the Midlands finest node artists will be generating music and graphics live for your entertainment. The most wonderful Hexagon Theatre, situated next to the Bridges café bar, and there will be breaks between artists to refresh.

Showcasing at the Pixel Visions evening at this year’s Flatpack Festival, Scree are Chris Plant & Neil Spragg. Chris, aka VJ Catweasel has been showing visuals in Birmingham since the late 80s when he used to use 16mm projectors (and occasionally still does). He has had his work used as backdrops for TV shows like Top of the Pops, X Factor and for touring artists as big as Stevie Wonder… Neil, aka DJ Sir Real one of the founding members of Birmingham’s (and one of the UK’s) longest running techno night, the House of God, writes arcade machine tunes, drums in plasmic rock band, Omnia Opera, owns his own record label and DJs every Thursday night well into the wee hours with his Mouth of God radio show on, essential listening…

Modulate are a collective who formed in 2001 though a shared interest in electronic music, abstract art, and the work of early sonic visualists. In between working individually as musicians, film makers, graphic designers and sound installation artists, they enjoy coming together sporadically to create audio visual artworks and realtime live AV performances, as well as to produce and curate events.
Working on a pared down ‘less is more’ aesthetic, their works are finely honed, slowly unfolding journeys into abstract spacial realms. Other AV and ‘Live Cinema’ artists whom Modulate have brought to perform in Birmingham include Mia Makela aka Solu (Finland), SKIFF++ (NL/USA), and Frank Bretscnieder (DL).

Chromatouch makes mashup visual performances from a pool of loops, both sonic and seen. Feeding various VJ and music softwares into one another as well as using spoken word and modified instruments, he creates challenging environments and fuses media into constant streams.

Minuek visualises “the sound of Dying Machinery”.

Laternist uses open source software tools in the creation of works exploring relationships between sound, colour and shape.

Hellocatfood explores the aesthetic qualities of errors and glitches that occur when using software.

Kid Friendly: Yes!Dog Friendly: NoNon-Smoking: Yes!Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!

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