From ATVLand in Colour This 5 x 45 minute documentary tells the…

From ATVLand in Colour

This 5 x 45 minute documentary tells the story of the affectionately known ‘ATVLand’ – the ATV Centre in Birmingham, from its beginnings to its ultimate closure in 1997 and beyond, celebrating some of the great programmes that came from the studios throughout its working life. The DVD includes a mix of rare archive footage, much of which has not been seen since broadcast, and interviews with those who worked at the centre including Jim Bowen, Barbara Bradbury, Reg Harcourt, Peter Harris, Diana Mather, Wendy Nelson, Jane Rossington, Debbie Shore, Chris Tarrant, Shaw Taylor, Gary Terzza, Bob Warman and Jo Wheeler PART ONE begins with a brief history of midlands broadcaster Associated Television (ATV) and its studio base in Aston, with anecdotes on some of the programmes produced there from those who were involved. The story then follows changes in the ITV system, leaving ATV in need of new premises for the age of colour broadcasting leading to the eventual opening of ATV Centre in 1970. PARTS TWO and THREE tell the story of the ATV Centre in operation throughout the 1970s, remembered by those who were involved and concentrating on the types of programmes made at the studios, including the regional output and various iconic shows, such as Crossroads, ATV Today, Tiswas and Miss ATV, with anecdotes from the interviewees. (via MACE | Media Archive for Central England | 

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