Climate change street opera in Birmingham

Environmental Street Opera Comes to Birmingham

Campaigns organisation Birmingham Friends of the Earth work hard to
improve our environment, but now, in an exciting collaboration with
The Opera Group, art and activism are coming together.

Save the Diva is a mini street opera that will be performed across the
UK and is coming to Birmingham this Saturday, 4th June. The Opera
Group and Birmingham FoE will be in prominent locations in the City
Centre from 11am to 5.30pm, where exciting performances will highlight
clashing views and the irresponsible behaviour that is leading us
towards dangerous climate change.

The Opera Group will also be performing a full opera called Seven
Angels inspired by Paradise Lost, by the poet John Milton on the 17th
and 18th of June at the CBSO in Birmingham, so as well as promoting
environmental messages and Birmingham FoE’s work, Save the Diva will
also act as publicity for Seven Angels.

“Seven angels have fallen through space and time for so long, they
have forgotten why. Coming to rest on a desert landscape, they imagine
the creation of a legendary garden that once flourished there and its
destruction from greed and neglect.”

Joe Peacock from Birmingham Friends of the Earth said “This is a new
and exciting opportunity to connect with people who otherwise may not
hear about environmentalism or opera and we hope to entertain them as
well as making them think.”


Performances will take place at these times and locations:

11.15 – Brindley Place (bandstand)

12.30 – Brindley Place (bandstand)

13.30 – Brindley Place (Central Square)

14.15 –  Brindley Place (outside IKON)

15.15 – Edgbaston Street

16.00 – Edgbaston Street

16.45 – Edgbaston Street

17.15 – Edgbaston StreetA piece of PR we couldn’t be bothered to re-write.