Sounds of a dying library by Mr.Underwood

"On Sunday morning I attended the 4am Project / Project Brutal event held at Birmingham’s Central Library.

With the building of Birmingham’s new library underway and with the chance to gain access outside of the normal opening times I felt this opportunity was not to be missed. Despite 4am Project being a photographic project I agreed in advance that I would mainly be recording the sounds within the library. This aspect fascinated me on two levels. Firstly, a library is meant to be a place of silence, “Shhhhh, people are trying to read”, but what we perceive as silence is just our ability to block out some sounds and not others. I wanted to focus in on these sounds as well as discovering what other sounds I might find in parts of the building one wouldn’t normally gain access to. Secondly, with the proposed demolition of the existing library, I considered this to be an opportunity to record the dying breathes of the building." [link]