Help to get news Misty’s Big Adventure LP out PledgeMusic

Help to get news Misty’s Big Adventure LP out PledgeMusic:

Our new album, The Family Amusement Centre, is nearly ready to release. But this time, we’re doing it slightly differently. When I first started writing songs, I thought the key thing was to be original and to make music for music’s sake. Listening to mainstream radio goes to show this isn’t what they want in Music Industry Land. And good luck to them. For while the walls tumble in on the record company men, dreaming up new ineffective ways to stop music piracy, PledgeMusic have worked out a practical way forward where both the artist and listener benefit. It’s a fairly simple premise. We offer to sell you some good stuff, you buy some good stuff and then we spend your money on making more good stuff. And not a penny goes to the people who would otherwise be telling us to ditch the dancing monster and for me to get a haircut. I’m holding out for as long as possible. Right, we’d like to offer you the chance to get the album first, before it’s available anywhere else. In addition to this, we’ll make available a whole range of rare, signed, personalized and limited edition Misty’s Big Adventure items the like of which you’d never have wanted to dream of. You want my soul? You can have it for 50 quid. But be quick, as there’s only one available. If that doesn’t take your fancy, there’s advance copies of The Family Amusement Centre, signed CDs, postcards from the band, hand written lyrics or even a personal Minute Melody. Whatever you pledge on, you’ll get the new album as a digital download before the release date.

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