God save the Queen, but why?

From the Mail:

Council street services boss Timothy Huxtable has extended the deadline for applications to hold a bash on a public highway until April 18.

The local authority has so far only received 12 firm applications, while neighbouring Solihull, has received 24, despite being a much smaller council. But Coun Huxtable (Cons, Bournville) told the full council meeting that the council has also received 17 ‘expressions of interest’ over street parties from communities.

Coun Huxtable said: “We have received a further 17 requests for further information and so have extended the deadline to give those people, and anyone else who comes forward time to apply.
He added that social clubs, church groups, pubs and community associations were all planning their own events.”


I simply can’t think of a good reason why the Council are so desperate for Birmingham to be seen as whoopingly, 30s-style, patriotic. Can you?

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