Fierce Festival 2011

Festival smestival, festivals are just marketing exercises where the same shit as normal is glossily repackaged and the “vibe” is some flyers.

Not when they’re painstakingly and artistically curated by a team that manage to make Birmingham the centre of the performance art world for a week each year.

Go Fierce.

Tuesday 22 March | Fierce Festival

Including ‘ Burningham ‘ all week: “a playful intervention on Eastside Green conceived and constructed by acclaimed French architecture collective EXYZT. The site is in the shadow of Birmingham’s abandoned Curzon Street railway station and on the route of the proposed HS2 high speed rail link. You are invited to drop in and help EXYZT in their process of ‘urban psychoanalysis’ of the city. Does Birmingham have low self-esteem? Does Birmingham have multiple personality disorder? Should Birmingham be renamed? Visit throughout the week, and join us for a public feast at dusk on Saturday 26th March.”

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