Northfield Garage scraps cars for EcoCentre

A Press Release we can’t be bothered to rewrite, but that might interest you:

I have to say it is a real shame that years of local newspapers have
turned the most simple and nice idea (give money from scrapping cars
to worthwhile and apposite cause) into this jumble of paragraphs and
pun. If you’re going to scrap a car, you could do far worse.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tom Chance
Date: 11 January 2011 09:45
Subject: Norhfield Garage Joins Unique Fundraising Initiative

Hi Jon,

The following release describes how a Birmingham Garage, the
Northfield Car Care Centre has recently joined a scrap car fundraising
scheme and will be raising money for the local charity the Northfield
Ecocentre. It is the first garage in the country to operate the
service. Photos available on request.


11 January 2010


A Birmingham garage – the Northfield Car Care Centre – is the first to
take part in an innovative new fundraising scheme for businesses
created by Social Enterprise, Giveacar.

The scheme is supported by local authorities and environmental
charities for the ‘green’ way in which is takes un-roadworthy cars off
the streets and disposes of them – Giveacar collects scrap cars from
anywhere in the UK and ensures their responsible disposal.  Money
raised from cars that can be recycled is then donated to a charity of
the donor’s choice.

The Northfield Car Care Centre has announced that they will donate all
funds from the scrapping of motorists’ unwanted cars to the local
Ecocentre that works to benefit Northfield’s community through
education, initiatives and resources that promote sustainable living.

More than 300 charities across the country have already benefitted
from the scheme, which has been collecting unwanted cars from
individuals since January 2010.  Giveacar’s increasing list of
affiliated charities have benefited by more than £175,000 in total so

‘Un-locking’ the funds from scrap cars has provided a much needed
boost for the charity sector in a tough economic climate and Giveacar
hopes the trend towards motorists’ generosity in scrapping their cars
will continue and that Northfield Car Care Centre will be the first of
many businesses to collaborate with the scheme.

The Northfield Car Care Centre’s New Year Initiative – “Driving
Change” – is a programme intended to reduce the business’
environmental footprint and introduce corporate social responsibility
in the form of partnerships with Giveacar and the Northfield

“We have set ourselves a pretty big challenge, but we are excited and
certainly the solution presented through partnership with Giveacar is
one that Birmingham motorists have been waiting for,” said Steve
Skidmore, Director of Northfield Car Care Centre, adding, “Scrap
vehicles are a growing problem, especially in this economic climate
and we can now ensure that our motorists’ scrap cars add value rather
than being a burden and a risk to the environment.  Giveacar’s
responsible recycling and disposal service is a breath of fresh air
and has given us an opportunity to demonstrate our value of social
responsibility in real terms– by being able to give something back to
the local Community through donation of the profit from the scrap cars
to the Northfield Ecocentre.”

Luke Olly, Acting Manager of the Ecocentre affirmed, “It’s great! A
local business wanting to support a local charity sets a good example,
especially in such a way that we can work together to protect the
environment.  It also helps us continue to support local people to
live a more sustainable life.  Without this sort of support, small
charities like ourselves wouldn’t be able to make such a difference
and we hope more forward-thinking organisations will follow their

Founder of Giveacar, 23-year-old Tom Chance, said: “We specialise in
collecting cars with what we call the ‘Ex-Factor’ – those that have
become un-roadworthy, unused or unloved.”

“The DVLA reports that two million cars just like this are taken off
the road every year, yet only half are disposed of at an authorised
treatment facility, the rest posing a considerable risk to
environment.  Our original intention was to provide a solution.  Now
with collaboration with Northfield Car Care Centre we can extend this
solution to businesses and ensure more and more scrap vehicles are
disposed of responsibly, but we also intend to work with the business
to help their customers keep cars on the road for longer, so that they
don’ become a waste in the first place.”

While reducing waste is still the Social Enterprise’s intention, Tom
added: “You would not believe the range of vehicles that we have been
able to transform into cash.  As well as some of the best-known names
in motoring, we’ve even managed to generate income for our charity
partners from a jet-ski, a mobile recording studio and several
caravans; the sky is the limit.”

The innovative solution for a growing problem has proven to be ‘the
wheel deal’.  Good news for the environment and a great opportunity
for the customers of the Northfield Car Care Centre.  It is also a
much-needed boost for the Northfield Ecocentre who has many plans for
the New Year, including launching the ‘School of Green’ that offers a
variety of free, educative courses for Northfield’s community, so that
all have the tools to live a healthier, greener and sustainable life
in 2011.


Photos available on request.

Notes to Editors

About the Northfield Car Care Centre:

The Northfield Car Care Centre is an environmentally-friendly garage
in Northfield, Birmingham. For more information please contact (0121)
476 0185.

About Accountability Now:

The partnership is the brainchild of Accountability Now, a consultancy
working to partner businesses with NGO’s, Charities and Social
Enterprises in a way that goes further than sponsorship.
Accountability Now seeks ‘win-win-win’ solutions – for the garage and
Giveacar this means facilitating a free, environmentally-friendly
option for Northfield Car Centre’s customers, which will make a
serious difference to the work of the eco-centre and equally
demonstrate the garage’s commitment to the environment. For more
information about Accountability Now, please contact Clare Raybould on

About Giveacar:

Giveacar was established in January 2010 as a not-for-profit social enterprise.
To date, Giveacar has processed more than 2000 cars for salvage or scrap.
Over 200 regional and national charities are affiliated with the scheme.
Run by Tom Chance, 24, a graduate of Nottingham University.
Giveacar employs four graduates and operates nationwide, including
Northern Ireland.
Recent Finalist in the London Business Awards, ‘Business Innovation’ category.
For more information, please contact 020 0011 1664.


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