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A Press Release we can’t be bothered to rewrite, but that might interest you:

PR and all, but this is both cute and cool and based in Brum.

On 30 January 2011 23:50, Knitted Online <> wrote:

Hi Jon,
I've recently discovered you like arts and factories and Birmingham, and I was hoping you'd take a look at this. We're not one of Birmingham's largest factories, in fact, we maybe compete for the smallest, but you may like it. If so, I'd love to be featured in your blog and perhaps deemeed, in your eyes at least, not shit.

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January 2011 – Knitted Online is a new venture bringing the internet and manufacturing together through the medium of knitwear. You knit it online and we'll make it offline.

Knitted Online was created by Milly Mortin and Adam Coward: The pair moved from London to Birmingham in pursuit of the space to set up and run the knitting machines used to create the pieces sold through their online store.

Milly and Adam believe in democratic design; Knitted Online was created to enable anyone to have the opportunity to create, buy and sell designs, whether practised designers, or not, able knitters, those who have never tried, or those who never want to.

The site relies upon its community of users to create designs for the various pieces of knitwear ranging from hats, scarves and gloves to baby blankets, hot water bottle covers and cushions. Users who create designs earn commission every time one of their items is purchased, making it possible to earn multiple commissions over time on just one design.

Alternatively Knitted Online is a great place for people to buy unique and personalised gifts; if people don't want to design something from scratch, they can browse the shop and customise any design they see. Customers can  choose different colour wools or tweak the design before choosing to purchase the item.

Thanks to the web, Knitted Online create very little waste in producing their knitwear, as all items are made to order, providing unique pieces of knitwear at high street prices.

Knitted Online makes all this possible through the online designer/editor which enables people to draw a design in 2-colours or upload an image. The garment is then simulated in 3D to resemble how it will look when knitted.

About Knitted Online:

Knitted Online is a new venture based around community-led design. They love knitting (enough to move over 100 miles for it!) and love to see the knitwear created by their users. They appreciate the opportunities made available through the internet and are excited by the future prospects for manufacturing made possible through the web.
The website can be viewed at

For media enquiries, contact:
Milly Mortin
Knitted Online
0121 358 4504


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