Uncertain Eastside Document One: 2009  This is the first…

from Brumblr, the scrapbook of Brum web ephemera:

Uncertain Eastside Document One: 2009

 This is the first document in a series of unknown length recording the shifting landscape of the ‘Eastside’ areas of Birmingham. Including intersecting regeneration projects and plans for leisure, learning and transport developments, these are places with varying characters, histories and aspirations that are very much in flux. Originating as a critical questioning of the branding of a version of Eastside as the Cultural Quarter and of her relationship to it (or not) as an artist, Nikki Pugh instigates actions that prompt her – and others – to notice the details that reveal themselves with the passing of time. Document One: 2009 comprises details of an artwork by Pugh, photographs contributed by participants of a Walk and Talk event and also texts by Ben Waddington, Joe Holyoak and Tracey Fletcher.