• Rosslynne Gibbons

    Ming, it’s people with your closed minded prejudice and fear that helped create Gary Critchleys situation near 30 years ago, what about opening your mind and having a read of the evidence/ or lack of, (thats not being released, to be reviewed) and doing something positive for the good of your country. You ARE trying to put across the perception that you’re a good person, don’t let fear hold you back, Stand up for a wrong that needs to be righted

  • Rosslynne Gibbons

    I vote Gary Critchley for ” Brummie of the Year Award”.

  • Trevor

    Vote for Gary Critchley ….. The Birmingham ‘ONE’, except he really is innocent!

    Release Gary NOW

  • Eggnog


  • Jon

    I agree Steve Jolly of Mosleey should be Brummie Of the Year for fighting the police and making thepolice and the people realise our civil liberties!!! Thanks Stve

  • Polly The Wasp

    Sorry to be predictable, but Gary Critchley. Very deserving case, he needs the publicity to turn round a travesty of justice.

  • Tim smyth

    I nominate Gary Critchley, maybe this forum can make a difference and give Gary a chance to walk the streets of Birmingham again.

    To find out more/join the campaign to get this re-examined, visit ‘justiceforGaryCritchley.org’ or Gary Critchley justice project on facebook.

  • Rogerneno

    I’d also like to nominate Gary Critchley for the same reasons.
    the Northfield lad who’s spent 30 years locked up in jail following a v unsafe conviction.
    Gary was arrested at the age of 17, and locked p at the age of 18. He’s 48 now.
    Despite protesting his innocence every day of those 30 years, and it falling on completely deaf ears, he’s never lost his faith in human nature, nor changed from being friendly, kind and supportive to his peers (as described by professionals within the Criminal Justice System) .
    Despite having to practice with scraps of paper/ on bedsheets, he’s now an award winning artist, bringing praise to Birmingham, and praying for his freedom in 2010/11.
    To find out more/join the campaign to get this re-examined, visit ‘justiceforGaryCritchley.org’ or Gary Critchley justice project on facebook.

  • Tim Smyth

    “I’d rather it went to the red panda again than Gary Critchley.”

    What a well argued response, NOT.

    Hopefully you will have read through the details of Gary’s dodgy conviction by now and that is all that we are really asking by posting here.

  • Kylebreecher

    This nomination say`s it all for me. I`m proud To see such passion and unity in the pursuit of Justice coming from all corners of our Great City. One man has done this, Gary Critchley. He must be Brummie of the year !!!

  • Iantention

    Gary Critchley. Hope 2011 sees him out of prison and back in Brum.

  • Kylebreecher

    No ammount of nominations could possibly come close to the energy Gary Critchley and his family have expended over 30yrs to clear a 17yr old Boy`s name !!!

  • Liam Hogan

    I nominate Gary Critchley

  • Ellieyebrows

    I nominate Gary Critchley….an innocent man..victim of a lengthy miscarriage of justice….speaks for it self really…..Brummie Hero


    yep Gary Critchley. no contest.
    Brilliant artist and brave man in the face of adversety

  • Deafboyone

    Hi Carol. I do understand the protocol and its fabulous that people have responded in such a way. I would love it …if… as a journalist myself I believe news should be shared… Jon could go overboard with this information in front of him and share it with his readership. Golden opportunities like this come once in awhile… if its staring you in the face the obvious fact is Gary Critchley will be nominated, voted and confirmed as Brummie of the Year… that to me is a given. Therefore lead stories should be geared toward that end and nothing else. There will always be devil in the detail… all I ask is… be a mirror …reflect what you see

  • Rotten (Freakshow)

    I wanna nominate Gary Critchley, cos his story and what he has had to deal with certainly makes him eligable for Brummie of The Year

  • Claire

    I would also like to nominate Gary Critchley

  • Alice Critchley

    Id like to nominate Gary Critchley!

  • Tillytot65

    I’m sorry ming fan, but i disagree with you. Its a bit like saying ” What did Nelson Mandela do for South Africa ” Is it not? Why ” Regardless of details of conviction”? Us Brummies have a sense of fair play and right and wrong. The Guardian are convinced of Garys’ innocence. Please read the information before making such harsh judgements. Gary is also an accomplished artist, and a true brummie.And deserves a nomination as much as the next man.

  • Tillytot65

    Well said dark 1

  • Gary Critchley As Brummie of the year 2010

  • Mance_uk

    Count me in I would like to nominate Gary Critchley :0)

  • Plastika

    I would like to nominate Gary Critchley.

  • I would like to nominate Gary Critchley.

  • Carmy_sparkle

    Gary Critchley is my nomination for ” Brummie of the year” without a doubt!

  • Kylebreecher

    I think your term Rabid to describe decent Birmingham people who have taken the time to recognise and do something about a genuin Miscarriage of justice is not the Brummie way. If you just take a look at how many people actually like your comment you will find that your View is your View only. I can imagine even the Red Panda is not too happy in being associated with someone like your self. I would like to hear from you after you have taken the time to look at what this True Brummie Man has achieved in the face of such adversity you will have a much different opinion. This year Gary has recieved letters of support from both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope to go with letters from many other respected people, Nelson Mandela being one of them. This Man has won the hearts of thousands of people with his Artistic ability. He deserves the recognition of becoming Brummie of the Year.

  • Barnard

    The voting has not even started yet so I think we have all got the idea that Gary Critchley
    should be nominated but whoever is directing people to flood this site with repeats of this
    nomination please give others a chance to nominate their people.



    But my nomination still counts otherwise it’s RIGGED

    I expect him to be on the ballot 381,789 times when it comes out.

  • Angel-rose07

    i would like to nominate GaryCritchleyas he is my Dads school friend and my dad has always said he is innocent and an all round nice guy

  • Nicolaharrison1501

    Gary Critchley

  • Cockneyreject

    GARY CRITCHLEY. Excellent artist and true gentleman.

  • Vallloyd

    Gary Critchley is my nomination for Brummie of the year with doubt !

  • Vallloyd

    Gary Critchley is my nomination for Brummie of the year with out doubt

  • Maybe I should nominate the pope of Crofton Park. Because there are bound to be 50,000 people who’d second it…. Plus the park was fitted with an audio loop as part of the deal, and it’s been left in, gratis. So y’know, dude’s done good for Brum.

  • NCO

    I would like to nominate Gary Critchley, for staying strong for so many years

  • Sanswaddy

    Hear Hear Ky,Verywell said m8

  • Sanswaddy

    This is an open page,and people can vote freely,I dont see any other nominations, Where are they all????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • swamped by the inconsiderate people shouting — despite polite requests
    and info that one nomination per person is fine — there are about 4
    other people somewhere.

  • I would like to nominate Gareth Critch-Lee, the prison warder who was unjustly locked up in an art gallery for fifty-three years.

  • Cheex80

    I wanna nominate GARY CRITCHLEY!! he deserves it

  • The Dalee Lama

    So Gary Critchley is going to be Brummie of the year. It’s not worth nominating anyone else as the justice for Gary campaign has decided to flood the ‘competition’. Sort of skews the whole thing and makes it totally pointless. That’s the problem with democracy – it’s rarely democratic. Won’t bother voting, but sincerely hope Gary gets the justice he deserves, maybe being Brummie of the Year could be the thing that changes that, which would be no bad thing. But there’s no sense that there’ll be any competition which has taken all the fun out of ‘Brummie of the Year’ for 2010. Shame, there’s not enough fun around right now.

  • steve rotunda

    Yep – definitely Gary Critchely for brummie of the year

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  • Leeann

    Loads of fun going on or are you saying Birmingham is Shit??? Try the Old Wharf tonight…..You ll be made very welcome.http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=109976835734932&index=1

  • Nominators should bear in mind the original post:

    Nominations are now open for Brummie Of The Year 2010 — and you’re welcome to nominate any Brummie or Brum resident that has been great or just very very Birmingham this year.

    I’d be looking at someone who’s done something for Birmingham this year, no matter how worthwhile the cause is.

  • Mr F

    Has Gary Critchley lived in Birmingham in the last year?

    I’m sure it says ‘any Brummie or Brum resident that has been great or just very very Birmingham this year.’ As far as I can tell he moved to London in 1980 and now resides near Market Harborough.

  • I have a question for you? What does F stand for Mr F……?

  • Leeann

    Home is where the Heart is…..Gary may be being kept from Birmingham but not out of choice. His heart is here with us.

  • Mr F

    At the moment it stands for ‘f*ck off and stop flooding the board and learn to read’