• Phreaque66

    Vote is for Gary Critchley

  • Paul

    Mark me down as another for Gary Critchley!

  • enough what? these are legitimate votes, you wouldnt be trying to rig the voting system would you?

  • NOMINATIONS, these are. Votes come later, when the nominations have
    been looked over and a shortlist selected.

  • yeah and people are NOMINATING.

  • Dale_paris_omahony

    vote it for gary critchley

  • and one is enough, so after 100 I asked for it to stop as it was
    swamping the thread.

  • trying to suppress freedom of speech tut tut tut. *shakes head*

  • Michelle Critchley

    Id like to nominate Gary Critchley for Brummie of the year, if anyone deserves it he does! he was locked up 30 years ago for a crime he didnt commit. He could have been out years ago if he put his hands up and said “ok i did it” but he wont because he didnt! he has stayed positive and he will get justice and his name will be cleared. He has the support of almost 5000 people. He is an award winning artist and a Brummy all the way!

  • yes Jon unleash the beast and let people have their say… after all as a journalist we believe in self expression, freedom of speech and justice for all our citizens (including Gary Critchley) so dont let your prejudices stifle them… keep up the good work :)

  • Thank you .. well said that man. If this were one person spamming then yes I could see your argument, but check the ips, these are INDIVIDUAL nominations.

  • Buzz66colm

    I would like to nominate Gary Critchley, a very clever, talented and funny man, who has spent 30 years of his life locked up for something he never did

    Colm Smith

  • It’s just a waste of energy you could all save for when it’s possible
    to vote. A billion nominations can’t get someone on a ballot more than

  • Petehiggins

    i,d like to nominate Gary Critchley ,because he,s alright x

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so it IS rigged then.

  • if you like

  • Sharon Maher

    I would like to nominate Gary Critchley. A man imprisoned for 39 years for something he was not guilty of. He has endured this with humour, sensitivity, creativity and amazing inner strength. He deserves the full support of all the people of his home city, and he deserves to be free!

  • Ming Fan

    What the “free Gary Critchley” massive seem to be missing is that Gary Critchley has done precisely sod all for Birmingham or it’s citizens this year. I vote to disbar him from the nominations on the grounds that his rabid fanbase are trying to use this vote as a desperate attempt to garner support and publicity for their cause. As a proud Brummie I am loathe to think that a convicted murderer (regardless of details of conviction) would be named as the best representative my city has to offer. I’d rather see it go to someone actively improving our city, in fact I’d rather it went to the red panda again than Gary Critchley.

  • Sharon maher

    Amendment 30 years………….For what difference that makes.

  • Well humour me, what is the criteria for getting on the ballot, if its not down to nominations.

  • Leeann

    nominate…..voting later, so we ve been told lol

  • I am at a loss Rabid Ming Fan. Is this how you treat your fellow Brummie. Would you like counselling?

  • Jon I am appalled…. Waste of energy? A digit on a cusor a click on a key expends very little energy compared to the energy/manpower wasted incarcerating an innocent man? Or am I on a different planet? You have done an excellent job bringing nominations to the public attention, so why not focus that attention more brightly? Otherwise I am at a loss…? waste of public money more like… cost of prisons aint cheap…

  • Junkeebeth

    I’d Like to Nominate Gary Critchley as well.

  • Punkrockbeth

    BTW He’s An Amazing ARTIST-AND THAT CONTRIBUTES TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-He’s ALSO AN EXAMPLE OF THE POWER & STRENGTH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT!!!!!!-An Inspiration to me,-Beth Ulrich -so put that in yer pipe and smoke it.

  • S L A S H

    I would like to nominate Gary Critchley, what a great man

  • Pipbro

    I’d like nominate the imprisoned Artist – Gary Critchley.

  • Johnskett

    vote for gary critchley why you say because he deserves to be brummie of the year so vote for gary

  • Sarahblyther

    I too would like to nominate Gary Critchley, a very clever, talented and funny man, who has spent 30 years of his life locked up for something he never did.

  • Yes Garys family have worked tirelessly to bring his situation to the public attention. What better way to reward this than making Gary Critchley Brummie of the year!

  • Takethe5th

    If Gary was a free man then maybe he would have had the chance to do something for Birmingham and it’s citizens.As it is… due to the unjust system he is still in jail for something he didn’t do.Maybe you should read up on him

  • Alexcubbin

    I’d like to nominate Gary Critchley.

  • jane

    vote for gary critchley

  • Technophil

    I whole heartedly agree with Carol Coombes. GARY CRITCHLEY

  • Jdtazz777

    vote for gary critchley

  • Lucythurley

    Gary Critchley really deserves this award (even if it is mildly sarcastic)

  • sanswaddy

    Gary critchley was born and bred in Birmingham,So in my books he has as much right as anyone else to be nominated as Brummy of the year,regardless of the fact that he is a convicted prisoner,albeit wrongly.From his prison cell he has made a great impact on the world of art.But more than that he has shown true Brummy spirit,after all some of the greatest icons of our time have been from Birmingham.The councillors,and their hierarchy from this Great city will be quick enough to include Gary amongst their “Brummies to be proud of” when he is eventually released and brings his wonderful talent to our city for all to see.So for those of you people who have had the privilege of living your life of luxury and have had the chance to make something of your life,give a thought to this man who would just be grateful to be included as a Birmingham citizen who has made a difference,after all his pleasures have been few !!!!!!!!!!!

  • hear hear well said :)

  • Spike the Leicester Punk

    Gary Critchley a true Brummie

    Spike the Leicester Punk

  • Punky Polo

    I would like to Nominate Gary Critchley too!!!

  • Punky Polo

    I suggest you do some research. Gary Critchley is a fine Brummie Artist and has shown great courage and determination!!!

  • Deblynnj

    good choice :)

  • Deblynnj

    vote for gary critchley – for sure !!!

  • Squirrel_150

    I would like to nominate Gary Critchley too.

  • Andy Evans

    I nominate Gary Critchley fer Brummie of the Year

  • Leeann

    Gary has brought the Birmingham people together. Not just in our fight for his freedom, we have social events ie Punky Reggae Parties, a chance to take us back to the music we love and a time to meet old freinds and new. We have proved how strong we are as a group of mainly Brummies and will continue to fight, nominate, vote and support one of our own until he is home in Birmingham…….Justice and Freedom for Gary Critchley.

  • Peterbounds

    I agree with these people, justice needs to be done! Only one choice for me, vote Gary Critchley! Pete Psycho.

  • Lindy May

    Gary Critchley is the epitomy of a Brummie!Through adversity Gary has maintained a strength of character,conviction toward what is right and true, that unique Brummie sense of humor and has created a positive future from a seemingly hopeless one .
    Adding to that it is Gary that has bought Brummies and people from all over the world into a united family who support,love and respect the man that he is.GARY CRITCHLEY IS BRUMMIE OF THE YEAR!!

  • CC

    Jon’s just pointing out here that Gary’s now duly nominated, and, I think suggesting we save our energies for voting on Dec 5th: this is a great award, lots of people supporting Gary
    one of the reasons so many nominations are useful in themselves, Jon, is that they can be read to Gary, and added to hs knowledge of the level of support he has out here. Hopefully so far, it’s all ‘win’ for everyone, including BINS, (as more now know of your site) and mainly, of course Gary. Which is entirely our point. I know you don’t blame poeple for feeling passionate about such a truly emotive issue, and wanting to understand more about how to make sure the voting system is understood here. More people have come to the site/joined the campaign after reading this- thankyou v much (from all of us who want this reexamined) for such a lively competition.

  • CC

    I don’t think the point’s been missed at all- Gary’s a Brummie, who’s bringing lots of attention to brum for his artwork, amongst many other things/ reasons to be nominated.
    I too am an incredibly proud Brummie, and would be gutted if we acted without compassion- a great Brummie trait- because we’re all too busy to look at the facts and make up our own minds.
    We’re Brummies, not ‘this is Essex’, so can happily concentrate on the big stuff.
    Gary’s not asking you to believe him, He’s asking for the case to be re-examined, as he has done for 30 years. For tenacity alone- he has to be in it (as I understand he is now.. so I’ll stop!)
    Best, Carol (one of the rabid fan base)..