111111 2010

On the eleventh of November 2010 you are invited to take part in a pyschogeographical epic. A window of eleven hours to complete a circuit of  Birmingham’s number eleven bus.

2009′s results were recorded here…
including MoxyPark’s wonderful 11 bus song:

There are rules. But not many:

  • Get on the 11C or the 11A at some point after 11am on 11/11.
  • Get off the 11C or the 11A exactly one circuit later.
  • You can get on and off the bus as many times as you like (don’t spend more than an hour off bus at one time).
  • Document your journey; photos, film, writing, cross-stitch, knitting, amigurumi, poetry, blog, twitter, however you like.
  • Meet up with others as mad as you, if you want.
  • Record everything here — or on your own space and link us up.

The idea is that a snapshot of the real Birmingham from a number of different people will emerge, one that’s unedited, unspun, and unwashed. Circling the city will force the gaze inward, focussing our attention exclusively on our municipality.

If it’s better to travel hopefully than arrive, Birmingham is the ideal place.

in 2008 we made you spend eleven hours, and that was a bit much for some — so this year one circuit (2 1/2 hours, 26 miles will do).

More at 11bus.co.uk