The Changing Culture of Local Government – with Deputy Leader Cllr Paul Tilsley

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Apologies for any duplication – a quick reminder about the next two Chamberlain Lectures – both with influential figures in local government and national policy.  Come and join the debate, ask questions, and gain insight into 'where next'.

 To book, please go to the Chamberlain Forum website –, email or call 07795 448 462

The Changing Culture of Local Government – with Deputy Leader Cllr Paul Tilsley

Thursday 14th October. 9.30-11.00am in the Council Chamber


The culture of local government is being transformed, from the ‘big’ government of the civic gospel, to the coproduction of the ‘big society’.  What has already changed and why, and where will change happen next? What will the relationship between the citizen and the state look like in the future, and what does this mean for the way local government works? 

Get an insight into the changes by joining the Resident University discussion with Birmingham City Council Deputy Leader Cllr Paul Tilsley and a panel of guests  for a special democracy week lecture in the Council Chamber.

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From the Margins to the Mainstream… – with Geoff Mulgan from the Young Foundation


Tuesday 19th October. 5.00-6.30pm at St Martins in the Bullring


The world financial crisis and big cuts in spending on public services make voluntary and community action more vital.  Progress depends more clearly than ever on ‘social entrepreneurs’ – including residents with ideas and determination to make things better in the neighbourhoods where they live and work.  ‘Social innovation’ in the words of Geoff Mulgan ‘is moving from the margins to the mainstream.’

Geoff is the Director of the Young Foundation, which describes itself as a ‘social innovation centre’.  Prior to joining the Young Foundation, he served as policy adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair.  He is joining Resident University members for a Chamberlain Forum lecture on Social Innovation in the Big Society.  Who will be responsible for coming up with new ideas and how will they be tested out given that there will be much less State intervention and less public funding?

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