Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve Press Release

A Press Release we can’t be bothered to rewrite, but that might interest you:

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & The Black Country have recently embarked on a three year project focused on Moseley Bog & Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve in Birmingham. My name is Francesca Jarvis-Rouse and I am the new Mosley Bog Reserve Officer. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce both myself and the project to you. The Moseley Bog and Joy’s wood Project has several aims, the core principles include:

  • Conservation management and site protection .
  • Access development and Improvement.
  • Audience development and engagement.

The Wildlife Trust aim to ensure that Moseley Bog continues to be a valuable local asset whilst improving people’s access and enjoyment of the site. We will be engaging with the local community through all aspects of the project delivery.


I was hoping that you would include some of the events in the we love Moseley Website.

The project provides lots of benefits to local people and we want everyone to know.

I have included our latest press release and some details about an event that will be taking part in as part of Tree week.

I have also included some photos.


Francesca Jarvis-Rouse

Moseley Bog Reserve Officer


Tel: 0121 454 1199


The Wildlife Trust

for Birmingham and

The Black Country




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