Handsworth Evolution

Robin Valk has produced a somewhat epic documentary a three-parter, dealing with the music of Handsworth and beyond, in the 70s and 80s. The documentary was commissioned by Birmingham Music Heritage, and Robin talked to members of Steel Pulse, UB40, The Beat, plus Apache Indian, Ruby Turner, Muff Winwood and Andy Hamilton, among others. Robin says:

“It’s all there – the story of how the children of those early post-war immigrants came up with a vital new approach to reggae, mixed, matched and mashed up… and invented whole new styles of music along the way. And right now, there’s even a third generation doing new and vital stuff. Now, with the blessing of Birmingham Music Heritage, whose commission it was, I am making it available via Sound Cloud, after the jump. Know what? I love internet publishing.”

The programme is in three parts – I built it so it would allow for a news bulletin and breaks for promos and/or ads. It’s also on offer to local community stations for rebroadcast, gratis – email me, using the link at the botton of this post, and I’ll send you a DropBox invite. In the meantime, tag away to your hearts’ content on the Soundcloud files.”

Handsworth Evolution Part 1 by Radio To Go

Part 2:
Handsworth Evolution Part 2 by Radio To Go

Part 3:
Handsworth Evolution Part 3 by Radio To Go