BHAM HIP – release you can’t be bothered to re-write….

A Press Release we can’t be bothered to rewrite, but that might interest you:

From 7pm,  this Thursday to Saturday – Birmingham Hippodrome foyers will become a riot of music, dance and rap!

But before audiences set foot in the theatre – they will be greeted in the Hippodrome Piazza by dancers from Bboys Attic  and many other bboys and bgirls who will be breaking, lockin’ and poppin’! (weather permitting) to kick off the evening.  


As a very special pre show event, on Thursday (7 October) from 7pm, in celebration of National Poetry Day, three of Birmingham’s finest young poets will be performing in our foyers… and treating us to their own version of RAP ( Rhythm and Poetry!). Beats three tenors!


The poets are Matt Windle (Young Poet Laureate 07/08) Jodi Ann Bickley and Alan (Kurly) Mcgeachie ( Finalist Poet Laureate 2010) :    


Magnet Matt Windle


‘I’m a boxer, a poet, and have plumbing qualifications.  In 2007/08 I was Birmingham’s Young Poet Laureate and now I travel around the country trying to convince young people that poetry can be cool… ‘


Alan (Kurly) Mcgeachie  ‘I'm a poet and lyric writer with a healthy love for big robots that Transform into cool things like jets, cars and stereos! I'm a Transformer (honest!) cos I can transform feelings to thoughts, thoughts to words, frowns to smiles, strangers to friends and boredom into fun.’

Jodie Ann Bickley ‘I'm Jodi, I'm 21 and I tell stories about my life to people who'll listen.’

‘Moseley-based spoken word performer, Jodi is not exactly a musician, but her free-flowing lyrical delivery owes as much to hip hop influences as it does to more traditional poetic writing.’


These performances are prior to the performance on the main stage of the street dance sensation Blaze which runs from 7-9 Oct.


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