Misty’s Big Adventure Drawing Competition

from Brumblr, the scrapbook of Brum web ephemera:

Misty’s Big Adventure Drawing Competition:

We are making a video for a song called ‘General Confusion’. It’s going to be on our new album and features a story read by Sir Patrick Moore. We would like to animate it with your pictures. The song is about the evil General Confusion and his confusing army. They are out to capture the heart and mind of Grandmaster Gareth. Only Major Understanding and his very rational army can stop this from happening. After an intense battle, General Confusion is defeated and is forced to retreat. So perhaps you could draw a picture of General Confusion or Major Understanding or what their armies might look like. Or you could just draw a picture of Patrick Moore!

It doesn’t matter if you’re not Picasso, we will appreciate anything you send. And it doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 66. Pictures can be any size but the bigger the better! Use paint, felt tips, pencils, whatever. We will try and incorporate as many of the pictures we get sent as possible. Put your name and age at the bottom of the picture, and write your email address on the back so we can notify you when the video is finished. The very best entries will get a prize. When you have completed your picture, please send it to…

Misty’s Big Adventure, P.O.Box 13322, Birmingham, B13 3DX

Any questions, email mistysbigadventure@hotmail.com

If you want to get your picture back, please include a stamped addressed envelope and we will do our best! We’re poor otherwise this would be freepost! Good luck and good scribbling! Misty’s Big Adventure