Milk and honey on Cannon Street

Shakes This Way
An unexpected treat this weekend, when the Invisible Architecture tour I was on stumbled across what might just prove to be a little independent gem. Shakes is a milkshake bar and coffee shop, it’s up Cannon Street almost oposite The Windsor and sort of behind Urban Outfitters.

It does coffee and more usual stuff as well, but the milkshakes are something special: you can choose from cakey-biscuity ones, chocolate-bar-y ones, fruity-ones and even ones with things like Wham! bars in. Odd and brilliant. They’re not paying me, but I’d take bribes in Fry’s Peppermint Cream Shakes… mmmm.

It’s got a sort of American diner vibe, loads of papers and magazines, free wifi and a table-top MAME machine with PacMan and Donkey Kong. What’s not to like?


On the website you can see they’re continued the retro theme, with both a flash into AND a hit counter. Good skills.