Birmingham-born photographer, Brian Griffin, is widely…

from Brumblr, the scrapbook of Brum web ephemera:

Birmingham-born photographer, Brian Griffin, is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential British image-makers of recent times. Over the last forty or so years Griffin has enjoyed a career encompassing commercial and fine art photography, film and audio-visual performance. 

This outdoor exhibition focuses on just one aspect of his diverse career:portraiture. It reveals some of the artistic influences on his work, some of the extraordinary people he encountered during his career and his constant efforts to push the boundaries of this traditional photographic genre.

Located at Snow Hill Plaza, in the heart of Birmingham’s central business district, the exhibition marks a return journey to a site that represents significant points of arrival and departure in Griffin’s early life. Griffin was born just a stone’s throw away at Birmingham Children’s Hospital in 1948. Between 1966 and 1969, he travelled each day from his home in Lye, via Snow Hill Station, to his job as a trainee pipe work-engineering estimator at nearby Lloyd House. The exhibition follows his journey into the world of photography: a journey of self-discovery and creative development.