Artsfest 2010

Just for @rasga, an artsfest poster. #artsfest on Twitpic

The poster has just wet itself with excitement at the coming of Artsfest (or artsfest, or ArtsFest depending on which bit of capitalisation on the website you pick) this coming weekend. Yes, there’s a lot that isn’t especially art(s), yes with it being so big it’s a problem picking out what you’d like to do or see — but suspend your cynicism and enjoy town being busy with things other than shopping for a weekend. Think of it as ‘Brumfest’ and hang your artistic pretentions.

For once tho’ the programme is online in a usable format a few days before, I’d encourage you to dig through and recommend stuff to us and each other. The Comments box is yours…

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  1. 6 September 2010 at 11:31 am

    This sounds a bit different sampler workshop.Sunday 12th September, 2:00–3:00In the Round Room at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.Social dances from across history: from the riches of the Renaissance, to the animal dances of the Ragtime Era, via the Restoration of “Merrie Monarch” Charles II, and the Regency romances of Jane Austen!

    /via @acroline on Twitter

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